The Breakfast Club with Deakon and Jessi Kay

The Breakfast Club with Deakon and Jessi Kay

    Local boy Deakon spent his mischievous adolescence growing up in the Four Corners before moving to central Arizona and later Dallas/Fort Worth. In 2008 he began his on-air banter on our sister station 92.5 KRWN FM. In 2010 he went searching for greater things in the big apple studying film and television at the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts with many professors actively acting in or directing films. You may recognize Deakon’s elbow or forehead from ‘The Dark Knight Rises’. After a little more than 4 years in the big city Deakon realized there’s no job like radio. He returned to KRWN FM and Pirate Radio before transferring to Durango where things are sure to get exciting as he and Jessi Kay can’t wait to start all of their absurd antics.

    Jessi Kay

    Jessi Kay was born right here in beautiful Durango, Colorado. Often referred to as the “original Durango gangster,” she spent her childhood running the streets of this scenic mountain town. She was a Durango high school graduate and Fort Lewis College alumni where she got her radio start at KDUR.  She later began working for American General Media, as an on air personality on 99x, and now is your morning co host for The Breakfast Club on 92.9 The Point.  She has a beautiful daughter who also happens to be a genius. She enjoys being a dance mom, shooting the occasional gun, a stiff cocktail on a sunny patio, golf, blocking people on Facebook, hard core Gangster rap and writing bios in the third person.

    Features on The Breakfast Club 
    v__d118Life advice with Jessi Kay (every day at 7:30 AM) : From men and dating to the best way to day drink, Jessi Kay has experience and wisdom to bestow upon you.







    projector-64149_960_720Cinemania (Every day at 8:15AM) : Test your cinema knowledge! We give you a quote, you guess the movie! Winners will receive a free movie rental from Louisa’s Movie House.






    bestofcraigslist_onairBest of Craigslist : Jessi Kay and Deakon search through Craigslist Narnia to find the weirdest, funniest Craigslist ads to share with you.






    Mashup Monday : Where we play Mashups of your favorite tunes from 80s through today.





    KPTE_NanaKnowsNana Knows (Tuesdays at 8:45) : Grandparents may not completely understand modern dating habits, what FOMO means, or whether you got ‘turnt’ last night but you’d be surprised to learn that back in the day they did a lot of the same stupid sh** you’re doing now. Need solid advice? We’ve got Deakon’s Nana here to help. Leave a comment on The Point Facebook page or Call us Tuesday at 8:45 at 247-KPTE




    textoffender_onairRegistered Text Offender ( every weekday at 9:30AM) : Everyone knows that person that sends back to back texts without ever getting a response in between. That person who texts wayyyy toooo manyyyy lettersss in a rowww (stop it you’re too eager.) or maybe someone who is too generous with their hahahahaha’s. Deakon and Jessi Kay are here to lay the record straight and share some registered text offenders that they have encountered (anonymously of course.)